Zagreb has a million people population,  fortunately I arrived after the rush hour and the traffic was quite smooth on the main avenue “slavenski “. Then I went to a McDonald as every digital nomad when you need to catch a Wi-Fi connection,  I refreshed the sat nav to find the proper place of Petra, send some text message to friends and family and then first heard about the horrible I took a coffee and checked the connection. Paris attack when they told me.



Such a nice thing to keep you on the mood…
Well,  I kept going and went the Petra place where we met.



Petra is a graphic designer and photographer from the city, we’ve been in touch through the internet thanks to our common participation in the vly musical project and then as was about to come to the city, we’ve been planning to meet together.

The day after I arrive, Petra and I went to look for the organisation called “are you syrious”.



These guys were like rushing all over the city to collect donations, to store it in their warehouse in medika district.
As the administrative side of the humanitarian work was such a maze, are you syrious wasn’t allowed to enter the camp and could just bring their donations to the gates.
Then to improve the help and to still being useful in this complicated situation, they were collecting, analysing and sharing all the useful and crucial informations regarding the route.



And I discovered how useful and helpful it was..
As I experienced later all along the way, information was something you had to take seriously and to rely on.
And we work together with the guys at the medika warehouse, and as we were sorting and packing the clothes etc … We were discussing the possibility for me to carry on the most efficient way.
I didn’t know at that time that we were about to share through the web and social network during all of my journey.
I was always asking them advices about the next step of my trip, and always they were answering, bringing me contacts, place and useful things to do and to think about.
I would say that “are you syrious” is still nowadays one of the best help that the volunteers and everyone can rely on to have get the news and to keep updates about the crisis on a day to day basis.


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