It’s a tricky thing to talk about the refugees situation here in Macedonia as it sounds like most of people are against the migrants.
Though I understand them ; Macedonia (FYROM) might be one of the poorest country in the Balkans and the average wage is barely higher than 300-400€ …

In this situation, of course, taking care of yourself and your family is much trickier than in the other countries and, before helping strangers, I understand that Macedonian wants to care about their own life which is not that simple here.

That’s why I think, most of them might see the refugee crisis as a thread … worried about their lives, worried about losing their job and their only source of incomes … Macedonians seems afraid of refugees and migrants … somehow considering them as gipsies and buglers instead of war victims and helpless population.
And it’s difficult to talk about that … as I might be to involved and maybe to idealistic in the way I’m seeing them …
– “they’re violent”
– “Fuck yourself, everyone is violent and the world is full of dumb and poverty, why would these people would be more incline to violence than our fully armed society ?”
– “Their’s lot of terrorism in these population …”
– “Maybe … but not in the migrants and I’d even say that they’re forced to leave their country
BECAUSE of terrorism … so Refugees = Terrorists … come on guys are you that blind ?”

And it could go endlessly like that, and at the end I’m tired to argue with people and to be seen as a hippy idealistic french guy who think that everything’s good and beautiful in this world.
Of course it’s not, and that’s why we need to fight back and to rise awareness and help to change the way the world is.


It’s a difficult process to work your way through these different countries, different NGO and camps etc … It’s like trying to create something out from chaos. Building a network through this mess, trying to reach, to contact an to link entity together is such a complicate work and I can’t believe in this lack of communication.
There’s no informations between camps, no cooperation neither …
Fortunately people aren’t that dumbs and organised themselves online and i’m glad to see that Facebook is used in a better way than it used to be most of the time.
I’ve been amazed to see that even NGO crews are more relying on the social media streams than on their own organisation news.
Th Internet is again the most efficient way to connect all the volunteers, camps, NGO etc… Together.
And it makes me hopeful for the futur in a way, as people realise that technology can be use for the good of mankind and not just to mess around…


To be a volunteer in the camp is not that easy even though we are surrounded by 10 times worse situations and problems …

We’re all coming from anywhere, willing to help, sharing common ideals even with different cultures and ideas … we’re linked together, we’re living together at the tempo of the trains, running, building, cooking, giving regarding the flow of migrants …

Someday when it’s quiet, we’re quiet … when it’s busy, we’re busy … We are living at the camp life rhythm, which becomes our own life sometimes …

To volunteer means that you’re somehow dedicated to these people, all of your person … Is not just happening in the field, but also in the beside life … Their lives, their faces, their voices are all over you, always bright and crystal clear in your mind …

Sometimes I dreamed about the camps, the people passing through, I made horrible nightmares also … Sometimes I surprising myself missing their presence, their voices and the languages they talks … They’re becoming a part of yourself, your life and time somehow linked to their own.

You’re not volunteer because it’s cool, or because it’s rewarding or whatever … You’re involved because it’s needed and you’re somehow feeling like responsible …

We all have different and several reasons to get involved ; the willing to help, the willing to rise awareness and hope, the feeling of being useful and to help improving a right cause … talking about myself I would give all of these but one more specific and hurtful : I personally feels guilty and responsible for my countries in Europe not to help and even try to do something … I personally feels responsible and guilty when I heard that EU countries are closing their borders, are sending back migrants without any dialogue … I feels guilty for French, for British, for Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian etc … Guilty for all of this stupidity and this anger that leads people to close their doors as their minds.

Basel asked me once if I was feeling useful in the camps … to be honest, not really … I’m not feeling useful making the situation just OK in a day to day basis and I’d feel useful when I’d see some global improvements … whatever they could be.

I’m not feeling useful at all, lost in this stream of struggle, helplessness and sadness … I’m not volunteer to feels useful, I’m pushing all of my person on this cause because it’s fair, because it’s our duty to help, because we, as occidental society has created this chaos.

To feels useful doesn’t mean that I’m changing anything I think … and at the end of the day I’m just a little dot lost in this sea, just a tiny light which is trying to glow … but one is not enough and I’d feels useful the day I’d bring people together to help and to create a real change.

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