We left Belgrade with a fellow volunteer to head to the Serbian Croatian border nearby the little town of Sid.
After a 2hours drive, we arrived at the place where we were welcomed by Aleksandra the team manager of the Czech team humanitarian group settled there.

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I met aleksandra a week earlier in a meeting about the refugees situation at the border and I was eager to know more about their conditions over there now that the borders were closed …
Somehow I expected the situation there to be worse, more chaotic …
Aleksandra told me the details of the last few weeks regarding the refugees conditions, it appeared that they somehow received a good treatment.
Over the camps they were staying around Sid, we operated in Adasid, a motel and garage near a gas station on the E70 motor way leading to Zagreb and presovat which was a former hospital built near the forest which has been turned into a place for the refugees to stay.

As the border was closed, no one could move further … Thy all were stuck there without knowing what to do, where to go, when to go etc… Which would have makes me ultra worried.
But so far, it seemed that they got used to this tricky situation and I found them more relax and calm than I expected.
The fact that they were staying in proper buildings might have helped them not to get crazy and to try something silly.
Still we could see taxis coming along back and forth at some point during the day which meant that even with the closed borders the people were still crossing, using smugglers instead of the official way.
And the camps were less crowded day after day … People were leaving.
Only the big families were staying there, stuck … Enable to move further due to the kids or the lack of money.

Then, it didn’t meant that we were less busy. In fact it was even the way opposite as people in need organisation was about to move out of the place. (somehow useless as the NGO was dealing with emergency situations)
We needed everyday, beside of playing with kids, dealing with people problems etc … Remove and clean all the storage areas the organisation had been using for the last 5 months in order to send the clothes and donations in Idomeni where it was more needed at the time.

So far the last days at the border has been a bit upsetting and sad as I knew I was about to go back to Western Europe, to France and UK … And I felt like loosing my goal, returning back to comfort, to the modern and so called civilised world … And I didn’t wanted to … I couldn’t face it anymore after all that I seen from outside, after having experienced the mess that my countries are spreading around them …
I felt dying passing by the borders backward, without any trouble … Going back sad and depressed to the places all the people I met and helped were willing to reach.
Ironic situation …


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