I’ve always been amazed by the capacity that people have to dismiss and avoid something from the moment it’s not coming right into their life. You need to engage them personally for them to start carrying about a subject. You need to make them believe that what they’ll do will have an impact and they needs to see,  to feels and to experience it to trust you.

It’s difficult…  it takes time…  But once you get to this point of truth with people, they’ll give you so much.
From the moment the trust comes into the interaction,  everything is possible and I realized how far this could go.

As I’ve been given foods,  clothes,  money, and shelters for the project.
People from England to France,  from high level class to working class…  interested in the refugees crisis since the beginning or new volunteers … artists, workers, teachers,  musicians, students…  they’ve all been given what they could afford,  what they thought could have an impact to the refugees lives.
And all at their level have been doing so well that they really make this possible.

This documentary story is both,  dedicated to the million of migrants at our borders hoping for a better life, and to the people in Europe who still believe that a better world is possible and who’re fighting and giving what they can to make it happen.


Thanks to all of you.


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