Chapter I – France

The first day.
A smooth and bright morning in Normandy.

Everything is like it always have been,  nothing changed and the all city is still living its same routine, and I go back and forth with the truck,  preparing and packing stuff before leaving.

exile (3 of 100)

A quick goodbye to the people here,  a last checking of the van and then I leave:  first destination, Paris where I’ll meet other friends and people willing to help.

I arrived in the busy city 2h later and meet Marc Pubreuil and Clara Martinez at rue see daudeville where they live. I haven’t see them for a long time since we worked together on different movie projects and it’s a pleasure to meet them again for this occasion.  After talking a while about cinema,  projects and other stuff we left them, took what they gave to the project and headed to see morgane at her place where I spent the night.

Second day.
I left morgane ‘ place quite early, to keep heading east on the direction of Strasbourg at the frontier between France and Germany.

Here, after 5 more hours of driving Audrey Robles,  an old good friend from university welcomed me and gave me a quick tour of the magnificent city. After finishing his work as graphic designer in a local agency Kevin Palermo,  her boyfriend joined us and we went out to enjoy a quick evening in the city night place.

Third day.
Early morning again, we Audrey,  Kevin and me, left the flat and went to our respective duties.
The goal of the day was to reach Salzburg in Austria.
I passed through Germany quite quickly and after 600 km I was near the city. Then,  as I was in touch with Petra sumar who was about to host me in Zagreb,  my next stop on the way, I decided not to stop and to keep driving till Croatia during the night.
And after crossing Austria and Slovenia,  after being asked for paper and ID by the local police etc…  I finally arrived to the country.