A Visual Exploration Of The Migrant Crisis Of Europe

As part of the days project,  this transmedia documentary will take place from December to February to try to document,  to film and to help these people to face the sharp and cold winter time.
The aim of this journey is somehow driven by empathy and the willing to film and to tell stories that these people need to share.
– Indeed, Why are they moving in Europe ?

– Why are they risking their life to struggle with our government and refugee politics ?

– Is this situation worth it ?

– Why are we so worried about welcoming them ?

– Do we know them ?

This new entire days story will focus on them, their life, their wishes and dreams,  etc … this specific story will take form in videos, photographs, interviews and more …to try to give these people a voice, to be heard and to give them access to our connected world and why not to create relationship between us and them for a better situation.

More than simply telling their stories, a another mission of this project is to help these people to face the winter by giving them clothes, food and everything that could help their situation to  improve.

In 2015 when the big wave of migrants reached europe massively I couldn’t keep living my daily life without feeling myself upsett, disgusted by what I was seeing on tv etc …

For long time I used to live remotly, working here and there … and I’ve always been moving from country to country , but never in that way …

Then I decided to leave everything to go on the field and to help and document the situation there.
First I wanted to get to know the people better and I also wanted to help them the best I could.
I thought I had the chance and the opportunity to help by my skills and capability to move.
My main focus was and still is nowadays to get a clearer view and understanding of this complex situation and to help improve it at the same time.

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